Game Cheats

Wii game cheats:

Sponge bob:creacher from the crusty crab:          Portal Cheat Down Thare\/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/

Unlimited health on platform levels:vigor

All sleepy seeds(utill the wii is off):scootles

30000 'Z:rocfish

 tuks for patrick in starfishman to the rescu:patrick

spongebob planktan in super sizer paty:pants

exposed brain spongbob:brain

Super Smash Bros Brawl:

Jigglypuff: After you beat the s.s.e(sub space emissary) Beat event matches 1-20

Falco:Beat 100 man brawl and watch:Beat target smash w/t 30 characters on any level and the same level for all of them

Luigi:beat classic w/t no continues

Ness:reflect 10 projectiles

C.Falcon:Beat classic on normal or higher in less than 12 minutes

Also you can serch yer own cheats on

Portal:how to beat boss:First when you meet GLAoSE she ses words. Then something falls out of her got it and take it to the incenorateor in the back of the room. Then shoot a portal on the wall next to you on the right and over by that thing on the left of GLAoSE. Go through the portal next to you and hit the botton. Then go back to the incenorator and it should be open put the thing in it. If the inc. closes do that again. Then when she turns on the rocket lancher get the rocket to hit her using portals.then more things come out of her. Repeat this three time's and bam,You win.